Farmers Market Schedule

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Hello Foodies, I have established my 2016-2017 Farmers Market schedule and it is as follows: October-December 2016 Mesa Community Farmers Market on Fridays Ahwatukee Farmers Market on Sundays January – April 2017 Capitol Farmers Market on Thursdays Mesa Community Farmers Market on Fridays Ahwatukee Farmers Market on Sundays   And remember…. you can order most of our products online at anytime...

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Interview with Farmers Market on Demand

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Check out their facebook here. My interview can be found here.   Good people, add them on Facebook.  

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Flow Hive Video Posted on YouTube

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Check out my adventures with the flow hive on youtube here. Overall I was a bit disappointed with my first flow hive experience, however, I am not completely writing it off just yet. The primary downside was that I could not see if the frame was capped and therefore cured from the outside. Additionally the honey was flowing so slowly that I would have to leave it overnight to ensure complete drainage. The slow flow could have been due to crystallized honey in the frames or the very low moisture content (or possibly thixotropic) honey we have in Arizona.  I also noticed many bees...

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Top Bar Hive Honey Jarred and Ready for Sale from Maya’s Farm – July 11, 2016

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We have a surprise mid season batch of honey from my one and only top bar hive. This hive is made of cedar and is located at Maya’s Farm on 32nd St and Southern. As I was inspecting the ripening honey to be harvested July 31st from the Langstroth hives on site I noticed honey was oozing out of the bottom of the top bar hive. I decided to investigate and found a mess of collapsed comb and honey filling the reservoir of the top bar hive. Luckily the hive was at a slight grade toward the plugged up entrance holes or else all of the honey would have flowed right out into the earth. I...

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Maya’s Farm – Apiary Visit Today

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One hive had considerably decreased in population since last visiting it (very few bees found in the honey super). This hive has an Italian bred queen and I would posit that slowing brood rearing during the colder months is one of its traits. The comb honey hive had the most activity as much new wax is still being drawn in the frames, though there wasn’t any completely capped and harvestable honey. I ended up robbing two frames of honey. One side of one of the frames is mostly uncapped but possesses cells filled with uncured nectar and pollen. I plan on removing the wax, pollen, and...

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